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I was a seeker and had taken a path less travelled to discover life's ultimate purpose. The road was hard and confusing, yet it lead to one final destination - Happiness. Now with a clear destination, I have decided to restart the rest of my life to seek life's ultimate truth in its purest form. I intend to take you with me on my journey to this destination called Happiness which interestingly is a journey too.

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For Individuals

No matter who you are and where you are, you deserve happiness. Interestingly it's inside you and yet remains invisible. I can help you with my custom-made plan backed by research and years of experience. All you have to do is reach us and we will begin our happy adventure.

Whatsapp: 91-866 814 0467


For Teams

I firmly believe in the saying " A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee." Be it a corporate team or a sports team, their individual expertise becomes immaterial when the vibes are negative. With the changing world, every aspect of life is getting changed. My dynamic module on workplace culture, performance enhancement and the interpersonal association aims at getting teams to perform bigger and better.

Whatsapp: 91-866 814 0467


Motivational Talk for a Gathering

Words are potent enough to change someone's life. I am open to lectures / motivational talks to gatherings of all kinds. I would still need a brief about the gathering, the organisation and the expectations from my talk.

Whatsapp: 91-866 814 0467

Get , Set , Happy

We are slaves of our own civilisation where we are conditioned to be critical about everything except for our happiness. This is too short a life to get wasted without being happy. I am not letting go of you without your smile.

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